Discount Shopping Sites

Everyone wants to have brand name things, but most of us have whatever they sell at Target or Wal-Mart. Yet sometimes someone shows up with a Dooney & Bourke Purse or some really nice Adidas Sneakers, prompting you to wonder how in the world they can afford it. Well, I may have figured it out by sampling discount websites over the years. These are the best of what I have found for discount designer/brand name items.

Number One Site for the Best Deals

Hands down, Brad’s Deals is the best. I have seen pretty much everything imaginable pop up on this site’s daily newsletter and almost always at an amazing price. They scan multiple big name sites daily and report the best deals from all of them. From 50 Inch TV’s under $300 to Air Fryers for $49 to designer shoes & clothing and over 60% off; Brad’s Deals is going to help you locate whatever you want at an amazing price. It also saves time searching for the best deals when they are already in one place.

Two other really good sites for a mix of household items, fashion and technology are Rakuten and Deal News, but overall Brad’s Deals has most of great deals for general categories.

Other Deal Sites

Always Andi has great fashion advice and she finds deals at low prices. It’s not easy to dress well, raise children and hold down a professional career but somehow there’s Andi. From how to find deals on clothes to makeup to accessories, she always has great tips!

Zebra has an awesome tool that lets you compare insurance rates in your area. They offer searches for all manner of insurance including: auto, motorcycle, home owners, renters, and most other kinds of property insurance.

CheapOair is excellent at finding the best rates on flights. It compares the major airlines’ prices on your fare, and helps you select the cheapest flight while still being able to find you what you need.

It is NEVER a bad idea to save money

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