The 3 Cleaners You Need

Let’s face it, household cleaners cost a lot of money. If you have multiple kinds of cleaners, you can really start to waste money. There are three things you should have in your house that can clean multiple things and be added to others to stretch them out longer. Those cleaners are: Dawn dish washing soap, white vinegar, and baking soda. Yes, there are many other dish soaps that are cheaper, but Dawn is incredibly strong and a drop goes a long way.

White Vinegar Uses:

  • cleaning faucets and fixtures
  • cleaning coffee machines
  • cleaning the microwave
  • removing soap scum
  • cleaning mirrors
  • more

Baking Soda Uses:

  • when mixed with borax can be used to boost dishwasher soap
  • when used in tandem with white vinegar is a drain cleaner
  • removing sweat stains
  • add to laundry to boost detergent
  • removing crayon from walls
  • cleaning up vomit
  • removing scuff marks from floors
  • cat pan deodorizer
  • more

Uses for Dawn Dish Soap

  • laundry stain removal
  • vehicle wheel cleaner
  • cleaning collectibles
  • cleaning leather couches
  • cleaning the microwave

Of course there are tons more ways to use these three cleaners and it will never cease to amaze how many other uses these three items have. Other cheap staples for your cleaning cabinet include: Borax, bleach, steel wool pads and the one other item worth splurging on is Endust. I have problems with dust and dander in my house for many reasons (popcorn ceiling, dog, bird, child to name a few) and decided to “splurge” on trying some Endust. HOLY SMOKES. I can actually go more than a week with out dusting. It’s stunning. My cleaning schedule has freed up massively thanks to that miracle product.

Throughout I have embedded some links for further reading/research, but there are literally hundreds of cleaning uses for these few items. You will find that it saves you money and stretches your more expensive cleaners such as laundry soap. When you add baking soda, vinegar or borax, you will not need to use the full amount of laundry soap. And remember, the
“fill to” line for detergent is the optimal level, not the necessary one.

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