Life Hack – Sewing a Button

Adulting is hard, and saving money while doing it is a royal pain. Many of us only have a few dress shirts for work, and when something happens to one of them it can really mess up your weekly wardrobe rotation. A simple thing such as losing a shirt button can cause you to look unkempt and even worse – unprofessional. We all know you are not going to get ahead or get that raise when you look a mess.

So You Lost a Button – Now What?

Many times the button is still attached to the shirt, but precariously loose. That alleviates the need for locating a new one. On the other hand, what happens when your button has actually gone missing? Most people will just take the item of clothing to a dry cleaner and have it repaired. This “quick fix” can easily cost you as much as $10! So what do you do? Pay the money or get a new shirt? The answer is neither. Sew that button back on yourself!

Hopefully you have prepared for this occasion by saving the extra buttons that often come with new clothes. If not there is still hope. Sometimes shirt manufacturers will sew in one or two extra buttons at the bottom of the shirt as seen below. Thanks shirt makers!

Ever wonder why those buttons were down there? Now you know!

Once you have located these buttons or a spare from another, you can easily replace the button. If you do not have spares or a needle and thread, they are sold at Target, Wal-Mart, CVS and most grocery stores. You should be able to get an entire sewing kit for under $5. Now it is time to get that button attached!

I have embedded an excellent, step-by-step instruction Wiki HERE  

And I have also embedded a great how to video below:

This video is also very helpful

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